I am Barbs. Thus far, I've had a full life, full, and full on. More About Me

I am Barbs. Thus far, I've had a full life, full, and full on. More About Me

I am Barbs.  Thus far, I’ve had a full life, full, and full on.

I focused on my career in television, working very hard and as I pursued the relentless merry-go-round that is 'TV' I pushed aside other aspects of life. Like a bee, I was a slave to the grind of the mother ship.

Sound bitter? Not at all, it has been fun, there have been sights, cities, towns and villages ventured, people met, life-long friends made. Experiences that I would have not otherwise had if it wasn't for my chosen vocation and for that, I am truly grateful.

Oh, and of course, there's the parties... oh, so many parties, did I mention, the parties? We'll talk parties later. 

L.A. Top Model

L.A. Top Model

Then one day as usual, I wake up in a state of haze, blurry eyed and after throwing on a pair of fresh knickers, with shot list in one hand a strong 3/4 filled soy mocha cappuccino with a sprinkling of kale, I rush to my next shoot... I stop for a moment, take a breath and there's that feeling again, that little nagging feeling that sits deep in my soul. It's just a wee bit empty.  In fact, let's be honest - that empty feeling ..... It's a huge gapping hole that left me feeling incredibly miserable. 

Outside happy and fun, pow pow! But on the inside? Incredibly miserable.

And let's face facts - I wasn't getting any younger.  Like a light switch flicking on, I suddenly wanted, of all things, a baby?! 

Desperately, badly, IMMEDIATELY!!  I wanted a family, my very own little #tribe.

So how do you go about creating a family when you a) you work 60 plus hours a week and b) you don’t have a suitable donour (ahem, baby daddy)?

I’m still trying to work out a) – but if you tune in, I could possibly give you some tips on how to manage that aspect, or is that, juggle?  As for b) I had to act and act fast, and on this topic I can definitely share my experience in succeeding with filling the hole (so to speak) But, more about that later.

Fast forward to 2016 and I’m 2 little babes in and have the best baby Daddy, ever. Lucky bloody me. Yes, truly.

No.1 Baaaaabe

No.1 Baaaaabe

But with the transition from youthfulness, spunk, career & parties to motherhood (and still holding down a career) – there's less time to focus on me and ALL my time is focused on others, and as a mother and career woman, sure, that is my responsibility AND I LOVE IT .. however, I find, if you don't find 'you time' and succeed in that quest for balance, you are no good to anyone.

No.2 Baaaaabe

No.2 Baaaaabe

You'll end up an old, bitter and slightly flabby like me, whose lost her way in the all the fog and haze that comes with sleep deprivation (no parties this time) and ensuring she's packed her express pump into the camera bag.... Ah, sigh.  

This journey is about trying to be a fantastic mother, partner, and career woman, but at the same time, getting back to 'you'. The young you. The one that was fun and carefree! Or at least, that feeling of being young. 

darn kids

You know the girl I'm talking about? The one that had wind blowing through her hair, she took risks, she was reckless, she believed in herself, she had confidence, strength, knew no bounds, and everything was a world of discovery…

The one that would drop $1,000 on a dinner (for 2) and say ‘I’ll worry about that later’ as she threw back her mane of bouncing healthy locks which she'd only just dried shampooed moments earlier... (okay, so I'm getting a little carried away

But you know what I mean, right? The one where, the world really was her oyster. Your oyster. 

This is us. This will be us. 

This is us. This will be us. 

And she also looked like this, and doing exactly this ... 

We'll look at all subjects that make up this life (except maybe politics), health & wellbeing, soul cleansing, fashion & style, travel, emotions, being old, being older, being like, really old, being old and being a Mum, how did I get so old??  

But here I am, raw and uncut - Simply, Barbs. 

Join me on this journey & lets get inspired!

If nothing else, we’ll have a few laughs along the way (and maybe a few buttery chards in an extra large glass, thanks - or is that an Aperol Spritz daaaarl?)