This blog nearly didn’t happen.

Pour yourself a cuppa love....

Pour yourself a cuppa love....

It has been one false start after another. I think that’s called, life.

Life got in the way. But now I’m here. Finally.

I’m here to get back to where I started, you may prefer to pour yourself a cuppa and watch from afar or perhaps, come on this journey with me? 


The journey I speak of, is about getting back to 'you'. The one that got lost along the way. The one that was once confident and sparkled in the moonlight, or in any damn light.  The one that was young, carefree and new no bounds- that's the feeling I want to capture once again.

But there is so much work to do and where to start? Well, at the beginning of course.

Looking at all subjects that make up our life (except maybe politics), health, fashion, style, home, travel, emotions, and then we can start to figure out how to bottle some of that youthful goodness with an older edge.

me and the kiddies

Join me.  If nothing else, we’ll have a few laughs along the way (and maybe a few buttery chards in an extra large glass, thanks - or is that an Aperol Spritz daaaarl?)



#youth4evs #aperolspritz4evs #butterychard4evaeva

P.S. There’s actually wine in ole’ Barb’s mug.